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Steel Buildings and Fire Resistant Construction

Steel Buildings and Fire Resistant Construction Collage

Here at Seguro Corporation, we are always researching new ways to bring our clients solid construction in an efficient manner. We have found steel buildings to be a solid solution to this dilemma. Steel Buildings have many benefits over wood framed structures:

Steel Building Benefits

Seguro Corporation has joined alliances with a major US based pre-engineered Steel Building Company to provide the customization your project requires. With fire resistance and competitive costs, this style of building gives you the affordability and customization to build the structure of your dreams! You will never know it is framed with steel... until the fire has passed. Steel Building architectural design can match any wood framed architectural finish. Period.


Air Krete Insulation


Due to the recent wildfires in California and other parts of the country, Seguro Corporation has spent many hours researching the best construction methods to combat the threat of devistating fires. We have found that designs which incorporate Steel Buildings and Air Krete Insulation to be the most fire resistant structure possible.


Air Krete Insulation is a non-combustible cementitious material. It adds a 2-Hour Fire Rating to typical wood framed walls and is
Termite, Rodent and Mold Proof. A Steel Building with Air Krete Insulation, a non-combustible roof, and adequate landscape clearing around your structure will be your best defense against fires.


Steel Buildings and Fire Resistant Construction are our specialty.
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